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Laurel and Victor met at a potluck at the end of 2012. She brought a very bad salad, and he brought a donation for the turducken made by the hosts.

In honour of all the (better!) meals they've cooked since, the bike rides, moves, government paperwork, and holidays, they are incredibly excited to invite you to their wedding. They are now finished writing in the third person.  



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Where? Hotel Ocho, 195 Spadina Ave, near Queen and Spadina, in Toronto.

When? May 19th 2018, at 4:30 PM. 

What? Ceremony, dinner, drinks, and dancing. Everything is happening at Hotel Ocho. 

We hope to see you there. Any questions? Email us: or 



I have a question.


Where can I park?
We encourage you to take public transportation. The Spadina and Queen streetcars are nearby. Otherwise, there is municipal parking across the street, look for the green P. 

Where should I stay?
 There is space available at the hotel, simply mention our names when booking. We're also happy to help organize other accommodations. 

Can I take photos? 
We are asking for you to let our photographer capture the moment, so we can remember your un-distracted faces! There will be a photo booth set up afterward too! 

Can we give you a gift?

After living together for five years, our cabinets are bursting and our home is full. If you would like to contribute towards our honeymoon in Japan in 2019, it would be greatly appreciated. 

What should I wear?

Semi-formal! Suits, cocktail dresses. No black tie required--red, green, paisley, whatever other color tie best expresses your personality.

I have another question!

E-mail Laurel at, or Victor at


Illustrations by Charlotte Guay. More of her beautiful work can be found at, all photos taken by Jennifer Van Son Photography.